Our Team

As current students, we experience firsthand many of the struggles that students face every day, and we're constantly working to overcome them. Through our years in school, we've experimented with dozens of techniques, finding which ones work best for us.

We also know how to take a break. Check out our bios below to see what we're each involved in outside of the classroom.

Sam Burian
St. Olaf College '19

Sam is one of the few people who think Microsoft Excel is fun. At St. Olaf, he co-led the Entrepreneurship Club and played drums in Jazz Band. Sam loves to talk with others about their latest business idea, new gadget, or favorite podcast. He also enjoys cooking delicious meals for his friends and family every chance he gets.

Andy Salmon
University of Minnesota '20

Andy is a senior at the University of Minnesota, and enjoys being a part of the intramural champion broomball team. He also finds some time to study Electrical Engineering, and serves as the Vice President of New Scholars for the Minnesota Evans Scholars. Aside from playing with circuits, his favorite thing in the world is rock climbing.

Gabe Cederberg
Harvard University '21

Gabe is an elementary school troublemaker turned assiduous student. As a junior at Harvard, he engages in political groups on campus and works on a bipartisan election cybersecurity project at the Harvard Kennedy School. In his free time, Gabe plays pickup soccer, piano, pool, and wanders around campus aimlessly.

Our Merit:

We all graduated in the Top 10 of our high school class, and two of us graduated with a 4.0 GPA. We currently maintain an average 3.85 GPA at our respective colleges.