How do I stay focused/maintain momentum for long periods of time?

1. Start the day right

| Get Sleep. Work = Motivation + Energy. If you don’t get the sleep you need, you’ll be too tired to work for very long.

| Eat. Working on an empty stomach is super difficult. Avoid it.

| Go Straight to Work. Please! No lying in bed for 10 minutes, no using your phone, just get working. If you delay, you’ll never start.

| Start with the Fun Work. Not all work is fun. Start with what you enjoy (the most). That’ll get the ball rolling for the more difficult stuff you have to do later.

2. Stay organized

| Plan your work before you start (try to plan it out the day before). List out everything you need to get done ( is my favorite to-do list app). It may also help to decide what time you will work on each task.

If you’re switching back and forth between planning the work and actually doing the work, you’ll lose focus.

| Avoid Distractions. Try to stay away from your phone (social media is a black hole for your focus). For me, watching videos is even worse.

3. Take breaks

| Keep Them Short…mostly. Every 3ish hours, take a 30-minute break if you want. Besides that, take a short break every 20-50 minutes (I find it’s best to keep these to 5 minutes or less).

| Take Breaks That Give You Energy. If you want to work for long periods of time, you need to re-energize often.

Try some of these and find out what works for you: Stretching • Meditation • Exercise • Shower • Go for a walk • Get a snack/water

| Check Yourself Often. You may not realize it, but your momentum can fade after a couple of hours without a break. Catch this before it happens. Then change the subject you are working on or take a short break.

Images: Sky, Hammocks, Meditation