The college admissions series

The College Admissions Series

The College Admissions Series

Step 1: Want to Get Into College? (Intro)

Welcome to Study Forth! This video briefly explains what this resource is, and how it works.

Step 2: What Colleges Are Looking For

This video outlines what you should focus on in high school in order to be attractive to colleges.

Step 3: Beating Standardized Tests

This video analyzes the ACT and SAT, including similarities and differences. It also provides tips and ideas on how to perform better on each test.

Step 4: Researching Schools

This video explains the steps you should take when looking into schools for the first time.

Step 5: College Athletics

This video outlines how athletics work in each division of colleges.

Step 6: Visiting Schools

This video helps you decide which schools to visit, and specifies what you should do – and ask about – on those visits.

Step 7: What to do if You Can’t Visit A School

This video suggests alternative ways to find out whether a school will be a good fit for you. Watch it even if you are able to visit some schools!

Step 8: Admissions Interviews

This video offers tips for excellent interviewing, and describes what you should expect in a college interview.

Step 9: Meeting with Your Counselor

This video walks you through the benefits of meeting with your high school counselor, and what to ask while you’re there.

Step 10: Narrowing Schools

Time to start making decisions. This video explains what to look for when eliminating schools, including how many and what types of colleges to keep on your list.

Step 11: Other Options

This video examines community college, gap years, and other options besides basic four-year universities.

Step 12: Writing Admissions Essays

Don’t worry, they’re not that bad. This video sheds light on how to write an exceptional admissions essay, including what to write about and traps to avoid.

Step 13: Letters of Recommendation

This video describes who to ask for a letter of recommendation, as well as when to ask and what to ask for.

Step 14: Creating A College Resume

This video includes a step-by-step walkthrough of how to make a solid college resume.

Step 15: Early Action and Early Decision

These are confusing phrases. This video breaks down exactly what “early action” and “early decision” mean, and how to apply early.

Step 16: Finding Financial Aid

This video looks at the financials of going to college, and describes different ways find financial aid.

Step 17: Choosing Your College

Finally! This video outlines the five most important things to think about when making your final choice.