Which College Should I Accept?

Which college should I accept?

Congratulations! You’ve made it… almost.


Seriously, if you’re at this point, you’ve really accomplished a lot. And don’t stress out about choosing which college you’ll commit to. I’ll quickly walk you through it.


1. How do you keep stress low?


| Remember you’re not alone. Everyone and their mother gets stressed out at the end of the school year. But stress isn’t permanent.


| Talk about it. Reach out to anyone you trust and have a discussion.Your school counselor is a great place to start.



2. How much should you consider cost?


| Cost is very important. Put a lot of thought into college cost. Can you afford your “dream school”? What would it be like to graduate with 40K in loans…140K?


| Debt. It’s hard to avoid. You can work summers to offset some loans (it’s what we’re doing!).



piggy bank


3. How do you re-visit?


| Free travel. Some schools might fly you out for free if you ask nicely.


| Talk to more people. Ask new questions and meet with a professor. What is the school really like?


| What’s changed? Are you idealizing this place? Since you applied, have your tastes changed?


| Can’t visit? Set up a telephone call. Look through the school’s website. Take a virtual tour and engage in online forums where other people are going through the exact same thing.


4. Where will you be happy?


| Stuff to do. You can’t study 24/7 (and you won’t want to). Are there clubs/teams that you could be a part of?


| Don’t expect perfection. I don’t think dream schools exist. There will always be something that you don’t like, and that’s fine!


5. How do you compare schools?


| Pros and cons list? Anyone…? It’s nerdy, it works.


| Head to head. Pit two schools against each other. The one that wins gets pitted against another school. Keep doing this until you have a winner.




6. Can things still change?


| Life’s not set in stone. You might change majors, you might break up with your girlfriend, you might transfer schools. Who knows?


7. What does your gut say?


| Trust yourself. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my pros and cons lists that I forget about the feeling that I get from a school. Don’t be like me, consider both.


8. What mistakes do people make?


| They try to go it alone. Always ask for help when you need it. Remember, everyone goes through stressful periods. You’ll get through it.


| They forget about cost. Then four years later…wham! I don’t want to stress you out about money, I just want you to plan things out.


| They pick prestige over fit. The right school for you is the one you will thrive at, not the one with the world-renowned brand.




9. Are there any other things to consider?


| Academics. What programs are you interested in? How much time are you willing to study?


| Location. How will you get to school and back? Will you need to leave campus during school?


| Weather. Will you be able to handle the heat/cold?


| “Random”. Is the food good? What is the school’s religious affiliation? Can you study abroad?


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Sam Burian

The founder of Study Forth. Sam graduated top 10 in his class and is attending St. Olaf College to major in economics. Sam strives to help himself and others be the best they can. He hopes to motivate other high schoolers and give them the resources they need to thrive.