Benefits of summer jobs for high schoolers

Summer job benefits

Are high schoolers lazy?  

It seems that as technology makes everything more readily available, we’re becoming more impatient, more spoiled, more apathetic–less ready to work (and yes, I’m talking about myself too).


The work isn’t grueling, but it’s a new experience. We’re used to watching Netflix all day, not flipping burgers. Moreover, it’s especially difficult to find interest in these low skill jobs because the work you’re doing isn’t unique and doesn’t always feel important.


However, working a summer job is one of the best ways for any high school student to start saving for the future. And, no matter the student, excess funds will be of great help. Money’s not going out of style so saving early won’t ever be a decision that high schoolers regret.


Planting a seed

Not that convincing teens to do anything is easy but I believe that almost all of them can be reasoned with when shown the tremendous benefits of a summer job.


1. Money – help out at home, save for college, buy things.

2. Experience – teaches you how to handle yourself in a professional environment, take orders, interact with customers and co-workers.

3. Something to beef up a résumé – As soon as you tack a summer job on there, you’re instantly above other candidates.

4. Future financial stability – this one is the hardest for teens to wrap their heads around but it’s also the most important for future college students. Currently, college students are paying an arm and a leg and are graduating owing the other two. Debt is a huge issue. Anything you can do to prevent it early on–when it’s easy–is more than worth it.


I don’t love working a summer job, but I’ve finally realized how helpful it is. Starting to save early is one of the best decisions you can make as a student. Certainly, I wish that I could work in a field where I have more passion, but before you become a CEO, you have to start by bussing dishes. And, as high school students, now is not the time to look for the easy way out–for the next few years, we just have to buckle down and pave our path to success.


Sam Burian

The founder of Study Forth. Sam graduated top 10 in his class and is attending St. Olaf College to major in economics. Sam strives to help himself and others be the best they can. He hopes to motivate other high schoolers and give them the resources they need to thrive.