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Apply to Colleges

Finding and applying to the right schools is one of the most important decisions of our lives. However, it is an extremely difficult process. We're here to make it easier.

Stop Comparisons

Do you ever feel worthless? For many high-schoolers, it is a huge issue. And the unknown root cause is comparisons.

Increase Motivation

If you want to do very well in school, you need to constantly push yourself. It is not an easy skill to learn, but it is an important one to master.

Reduce Stress

In the life of a student, stress is inevitable. But often times, it gets to be too much. We have some fantastic tips to cut it down.

Restrain Procrastination

When you allow yourself to be distracted from a task for just one second, you may not regain focus for another 25 minutes.

New to High School?

11 great tips for incoming freshmen. High school is a different beast. But, it only takes a little time and effort to thrive in a new school.